Totally Simple Family Calendar


Just about every home has that little sliver of wall that really has no usable purpose. In our house we have several of these spots- between doors in the hallways, near light switches and in the kitchen.  Well that tiny slice of wall in our kitchen is where our totally simple family calendar is!

Such an easy project that take less than a half hour to put together but will keep your family on pace year-round. No claiming [or whinning] that you didn’t know about going to ‘xyz’ when there’s no way you could get to the refrigerator or the bathroom all week without passing the family calendar.

  • Difficulty Level: Easy
  • Expense Level: $
  • Time: 30 minutes

Supply List:

  • Craft Letters, one for each day of the week:  S(2), M (1), T (2), W (1), F (1)
  • One can gloss spray paint- I personally love Rust-Oleum for all of these projects since it goes on smooth and dries with a super smooth, shinny surface
  • One package Command Strips
  • Mini or Flag Post-It Notes


  • If needed, lightly sand craft letters
  • Spray paint in your favorite color.. I always love black so the colorful calendar notes can’t be missed
  • Once dry, attach to the wall  with Command Strips
  • Break out the Post-It Notes and start posting your family calendar!









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