Grilling in Style [Gazinta Style!]

Who says grilling has to always be a paper plate and dusty cooler event?  Take it up a notch [or maybe ten] by Gazinta-ing a Classy Outdoor Grilling Room!

Tranquil Doorway
Grilling in Style!  Who says grilling has to always be a paper plate and dusty cooler event!  Take it up a notch and Gazinta an Outdoor Grilling Room.

Difficulty: Easy

[but it will look super hard and impressive to your guests]

Time: 1-2 hours construction & the patience to find your Gazinta treasure [plus a little time for paint to dry] Cost: $

Special Skills or Tools Needed: 

  • rotary saw
  • sandpaper or palm sander
  • staple gun

Once you find your treasure-in-the-rough, and have convinced your family that your not completely insane when you drag a hutch deep into the back yard- it’s time to get to work!

  • Wipe the entire piece down with dome Murphy’s Wood Oil to find it’s dust hidden beauty
  • Replace any missing door pulls [this project just needed a $2 cabinet handle] and tighten hinges as needed
  • Protect your Grilling Hutch from extreme moisture from both behind and above.
    • Using heavy duty plastic sheeting and a staple gun cover the top of the cabinet and the exposed back panel.
    • To protect both the roof surface from rain and standing water-and the ledges of the hutch, create a ‘rain roof’ out of a luan sheet painted with Rust-Oleum Hammered paint
    • Measure the widest area of the hutch, in this case it was the ledge below the glass cabinet section, and add two inches in every direction [front to back and side to side]
    • Once cut to the desired size, sand lightly and paint with two or more coats of Hammered Rust-Oleum to give it a high gloss, water repellent surface.
    • Attach on top of the plastic sheeting layer with wood screw
  • Next ‘repair’ any missing areas of laminate. Gazinta Style doesn’t try to fix or hide the defects, instead go for the obvious embellishment.
    • Using the wood scraps from the rain-roof; measure, cut, sand and paint replacement pieces.  The Hammered Rust-Oleum paint works great for this and looks super too.
    • Attach with caulk adhesive
Supply List:

  • old dining room hutch in a size that works for your space [you need REAL furniture- not modern build yourself stuff]
  • plastic sheeting or heavy duty shower curtain liner
  • staple gun
  • small sheet luan
  • Hammered Rust-Oleum Paint [canned and/or  spray]
  • wood screws
  • door pulls/hardware as needed
Ideas where to search for your Gazinta Ingredients:

  • trash day curb-lines,
  • online yard sale groups,
  • put the word out to friends and family- you’d be surprised what people can’t wait to get out of a basement or garage that you didn’t even know was there
Recommended Places to Shop for Supplies:

  • your own stash of scrap wood, paints and screws
  • HomeDepot/Lowes for sheet of luan to make rain roof
  • Wal-Mart for plastic sheeting in the fabrics section or a heavy duty shower curtain liner



Tranquil Doorway
Who says grilling has to always be a paper plate and dusty cooler event? Take it up a notch by Gazinta-ing a Classy Outdoor Grilling Room!

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