Ten-Minute Closet Sanity

Ten minutes is all it takes to put the sanity back into your closet… and a few plastic placemats.

We’ve all been there… the best of good intentions to keep a closet organized seems to fall apart after two or three laundry runs. It takes only minutes to put a long-term, maintainable plan into place for every closet in your house.  Take it to the next level- once you have your zone all organized, let the kids be a part of planning what their closet categories will be.

  • Difficulty : Super Easy
  • Time: 30 min or less
  • Cost: $
  • Special Skills or Tools: NONE

Supply List:

  • Plastic placemats [Walmart, $ Store or ones you already have at home]
  • Small Bowl & Thread Spool for tracing
  • Sharpie Markers, pencil and scissors
  • Double Sided Tape [optional]

Using the small bowl, trace circles onto the placemats followed by a centered small circle using the thread spool as your guide.

Cut out each large circle.  Cut a straight slight from the edge to the center circle.  Cut out the center circle. Repeat for the entire page of organizers.

Now comes the fun part… time to make up the categories that make sense for you!  Types of clothes, purpose, seasons…. whatever works for you.  Don’t forget my favorite- ‘Donate after _____”.  Use a dry erase marker to mark a date or month that anything still left behind this marker goes out to donation.  A great way purge with a plan.  If you enjoy the pattern on the other side of your markers great… if not use double sided tape to attach another white side out marker.

Kids Closets are a great place for Ten-Minute Closet Sanity.  Make markers for days of the week for younger kids and cut the morning-argue out.  Markers for their sport and activity clothes, Sunday vs school vs play clothes.  Let the kids be an active part of learning an easy organizing and planning skill.

The organizing possibilities are endless



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