5 Top Ways to Manage Grumpy Little People with Crafted Brilliance

As anyone with kids knows… some days there’s just no escaping the looming doom of Grumpy Little People. Check out these Brilliant DIY Crafted Management Plans! This hour-glass time-out chair is the most amazing thing I have ever seen.  So wish I had this when mine were small.  Time-Out PLUS Calming are the magical features…

DIY Blissful Backyard Games out of Spray Paint

The weeding and cleaning can wait-  dive into some easy to make DIY Backyard Games you can make in minutes this weekend with little more than some left over spray paint- there’s just no excuse! Real life Backyard Candy Land– OMG!!!! Even I want to play Candy Land this weekend now Old bottles, left over…

Builders-Grade Door Makeover… Super Cheap, Super Easy Barn Door Rehabs

Don’t toss your old doors… give them a super cheap barn door makeover!  Most everyone’s home comes with builders grade hallow doors.  Chances are your home has them too… probably with a few dozen layers of paint on them too.  Don’t waste a small fortune hiring someone to replace all those bedroom and bathroom doors….

Out with the old and ugly- in with the Awesome New!

After all it’s just bad paint and rugs- no biggie you can fix that in no time. Except life and family and bills have a way of foiling that master plan and you blink and a year or ten or maybe even nearly twenty years skip past and there you are still staring at someone else’s ugly wallpaper.