Out with the old and ugly- in with the Awesome New!

If you haven’t already done this… no worries you will one day.  What’s that? Convince yourself that house, that condo, that apartment with the insanely ugly room is such a deal.. such a find that you can live with the ugly for now.  After all it’s just bad paint and rugs- no biggie you can fix that in no time.  Except life and family and bills have a way of foiling that master plan and you blink and a year or ten or maybe even close to twenty years skip past and there you are still staring at someone else’s ugly wallpaper.

In my case it was the master bedroom in all of it’s 1982 glory- mauve wallpaper, mauve rugs, mauve built-in formica furniture- yes mauve everything toppOut with the ugly- in with the Awesome-4ed off with a massive wall of mirrors- so insanely 80’s it would make you ill, or at least prefer to live in the dark rather than
be the first and last thing you look at every day. [In my case it was eighteen long years before the 1982 mauve was able to disappear]

Out with the ugly- in with the Awesome-30Out with the ugly- in with the Awesome-31Out with the ugly- in with the Awesome-25Out with the ugly- in with the Awesome-26Out with the ugly- in with the Awesome-27Out with the ugly- in with the Awesome-28Out with the ugly- in with the Awesome-29

Thanks to the magic of sweat-equity (and my WayFair line of credit)- my new oasis is complete! Take a look at the before and afters… quite a change- and yes these really are the very same areas of the room side-by-side.


So where’d all the rustic glam pieces and material come from??? Check out the shopping list below:

Curb Picked Awesome: the new-to-me bifold doors that make up the new [non-mirrored] closet and the jewelry chest on the dresser [a classic jewelry armoir with legs removed, chalk painted and distressed], vintage laundry ringing machine

Lowes: the wonderful, modern paneling with a true faux wood texture and the three-speed ceiling fan, garage door faux hinges for my barn door styled doors and glass door knobs

Wayfair: the list is big, really big. So here we go-

  • wrought iron bed
  • night stands
  • bedside lamps
  • bedspread set
  • storage sofa
  • arm chair, afgahn and ottman
  • rustic, reclaimed metal lamp
  • dressers
  • curtains, sheer and curtain rods
  • wall clock
  • mirror
  •  dog bed
  • magazine rack and side table
  • area rug

BigLots: colorful bedding pillows, lots and lots of battery candles and lanterns, frames for our old photos

Walmart: assorted flower pots and house plants, more photo frames, accent lamp



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