Builders-Grade Door Makeover… Super Cheap, Super Easy Barn Door Rehabs

Don’t toss your old doors… give them a super cheap barn door makeover!  Most everyone’s home comes with builders grade hallow doors.  Chances are your home has them too… probably with a few dozen layers of paint on them too.  Don’t waste a small fortune hiring someone to replace all those bedroom and bathroom doors.  Embrace the barn door craze with a super cheap, super easy door rehab and spend all that saved money on something more fun- like another Gazinta Project!

Super Easy, Super Cheap Barn Doors in an afternoon for under $30

Old Door Makeover-3Old Door Makeover-4Old Door Makeover-5Old Door Makeover-6Old Door Makeover-7

Until you get you new barn door painted it will look like you are making preparations or a zombie attack.

Old Door Makeover-11.jpgOld Door Makeover-8

Skill Level:

  • Easy


  • an afternoon [and this includes time for paint to dry]


  • paint or wood stain
  • inexpensive wood- 1″x4″ for diagonal board and 1″x2″ for the horizontal bars [I purposely picked the boards with the biggest, most obvious knots to keep in that barn theme]
  • wood screws with large heads [no hiding the attachments when going for barn door- I wanted all the screw heads to be very visable]
  • plastic hinge kit sold for decorating garage doors and black screws to attach them
  • assorted gate hardware to complete your theme look

Tools Needed:

  • Saw [rotary or simple hand saw]
  • Electric Drill/Screwdriver
  • Paintbrush


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