Welcome to My Gazinta Life

I hope you’ll stay awhile to explore and maybe even plan your next ‘gazinta’ project.

Hi I’m Barb-  Let me tell you a little bit about myself and the inspiration behind My Gazinta Life.

I’m the mom of three grown kids, a wife, a retired Girl Scout leader and manager, a dental hygienist (yes I get to pick on people for a living),  and a life long dabbler in all things creative!  

I had rather unique upbringing since I’ve always seen myself as being raised as both the oldest daughter AND the oldest son.  While I may have been a kid during the 70’s and 80’s, I grew up learning to embrace and love all the classic skills of a 1950’s homemaker while at the same time learning home repair and improvement skills along-side my dad.

Sewing and cooking were always a big part of my life.  I was an avid 4-H’er in a cooking and sewing club. I loved entering my creations in the State Fair each year (and I’m just enough of a dork to still have a box full of those State Fair Blue Ribbons tucked away in the basement).  As so many of my childhood photos seem to show- I apparently loved to pretend to do laundry for my dolls, wash dishes that weren’t dirty yet and embroider as a little girl. Can’t get much more 50’s housewife than this.

But I also had the privilege of having a dad who was probably a generation ahead of his time.  Someone we would now call a true feminist.  My dad taught me how to do all the ‘guy’ jobs right alongside him.  I remember lots of painting and yard work and even some lessons in wiring; being included as he painted murals in our basement and built a massive train board as I got to ‘help’.  (…and my knees still vividly remember stretching rugs with him- ouch).  That’s why I’ve always considered myself the ‘oldest son’ too.

So what’s Gazinta?  

First off we’re not talking about the math kind’a gazinta.  Gazinta, meaning ‘goes-into’ can refer to just about anything (or if you’re me- almost everything).  The random leftovers and things in the fridge that gazinta tonight’s on-the-fly dinner. The assorted things collecting dust in the basement that gazinta a room makeover.  The random party supplies in the closet that gazinta an amazing handmade gift.  The new-to-you treasure you just found at a yard sale or curb picked that gazinta a new landscape feature. The possibilities of gazinta are truly limitless!

My GAZINTA Life- well gazinta describes just about every aspect of my creative soul whether it’s cooking or designing or crafting.  Of course recipes and plans are great but I generally just don’t do well with directions… and following the directions means whatever you are working on will look like everyone else’s.  Where’s the fun in that?  So despite the fact that I am very, very type A- my Mantra of Gazinta is perfection to the max with as many twists of originality as possible. If I can find it at a yard sale, on a clearance rack or even better- curb picked, I am absolutely giddy with the possibilities.  I hope you will join me on my journey and take a peek into My Gazinta Life.


kid photo-2
Yes… I really did wash my doll clothes, hang them out and wait for them to dry so I could repeat the process.  So silly and sad.
‘Painting’ my room at age two and obviously an expert by age four as I seem to be explaining to my sister how she’s doing it wrong.
ice skating-3
Let the love of gazinta begin-  All my dad needed were some left over bricks and 2×4’s,  plastic sheeting and of course winter and ta’da!  No one else had an ice rink in their back yard but we did!

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