Gazinta Finds

Nothing is better than a good Gazinta Find!  If you’re on this page then you know exactly what I mean.  That diamond in the rough tossed out on the curb ‘free to good home’ or the yard sale where you try your hardest not to look like a giggling idiot when you spot something even thought on the inside you feel like a kid on Christmas morning. When you are a gazinta-er nothing can hold you back from a good find- well except the challenge of finding a vehicle capable of bringing home your find. (I’m already deeply missing my son’s Jeep now that it’s gone back to college with him- he got called more than a few times this summer to meet me on the side of the road to help me bring something home.)

Don’t be shy to put the word out to your family and friends, even your online community about what you are looking for.  You might be surprised what you come home and find sitting in your driveway.

found at an old-school swap meet
gotta love ‘free to good home’… I’d take fifty more of these if I could find them
the aluminum trellises that used to hold up the overhang at my dads office
found on the roadside- this was one of the many calls for the Jeep
two of these found for free by my brother-in-law
online yardsale group… big plan for this outback
put the word out I was looking for old wooden ladders and my sister had this in my driveway waiting— a 12ft vintage ladder off a curb
curb picked sliding board… this will be a new treat for the niece and nephew soon
hutch before
the holy grail of curb picking- check out my Grilling Room Project